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Jiashan Changsheng Engineering Plastic Bearing Co.,Ltd.
  • CSB-EPB plastic bearings
    EPB plastic bearings
    CSB-EPB plastic sliding bearings are made…
  • CSB-LIN linear bearings
    LIN linear bearings
       CSB-LIN Series Linear Plastic bearing is…
  • CSB-PRB rolling bearings
    PRB rolling bearings
    CSB-PRB Series Rolling Bearings the outer…
  • CSB-CRB fiber bearings
    CRB fiber bearings
    The back material of CSB-CRB material…
  • CSB-PEC Rotary Chain
    PEC Rotary Chain
    The rotating parts of PEC series rotary chain…
  • CSB customer products
    Customer products
    CSB engineers to use their wealth of…
  • CSB metal sliding bearings
    CSB metal bearings
    CSB metal sliding bearings are made of…
CSB Plastic Bearing Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Add: Economic Development Zone, Jiashan, Zhejiang, China
As a leading manufacturer of Self-lubricating bearings, we are devoted to researching and producing new Self-lubricating bearing materials,plastic bearings,plastic linear bearings,plastic bushings. We have successfully developed various bearing materials with many different standard bearing sizes, including Metal-polymer Composite materials, Metallic Based Self-lubricating materials, Plastic compound materials
EPB14A plastic bearings
Brief:Middle load and high speed; FDA grade…
EPB18 plastic bearings
Brief:Has been developed as an integrated…
ELB linear bearings
Brief:High wear resistance, low cost…
PEC Rotary chain
Brief:CSB-PEC series rotary chain are with…
For Auto Industries
   The high performance engineering plastic bearings are widely accepted by the automobile designing engineers because of the outstanding features and the advantages of low cost.EPB3 …
plastic bearings technology trends
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